Customer Portal

The neat and clean, user-friendly customer portal to allow customers browse, choose, order and make payment with ease. While registering process is well-guided, customers can also choose to use as guest for quick ordering.

Guest Checkout

Fooddialer now offers guest checkout facility. Customers now can order even without registering and logging into the account, using the guest checkout facility.

Multi-Skin Portal Layout

Fooddialer now support multi-theme customization. The look and feel of the app can now be customized as per the theme of client’s website, logo and color combination.

Verify customer for valid order

The application does One time password (OTP) based phone number verification during the customer registration process. It helps in tracking the genuiness of the customers and offer them the best service. It prevents the fake customers booking for COD orders.

Use existing website to get more business online

Food Dialer Quickserve merges easily with your existing website. You can convert your website to generate more business just by adding a tab of Fooddialer Quickserve and you can start earning the benefits without any modification.

SEO friendly custom websites

Fooddialer facilitates its clients with their own website that is customized as per Google Analytics rules. Also the website content manager is provided in the app itself for easy, streamlined management.

Accept orders from multiple sources

The application allows customers to place order through website and mobile app, and to repeat the last order via missed call. Administrators can book phone orders on behalf of customer.

Receive Order via Facebook

Fooddialer is now at par with the Facebook shop features and therefore facilitate ordering via Facebook.

Virtual Customer Wallet

The application efficiently manages advanced subscription payments and order cancellation refunds using customer virtual wallet. Customers can use the wallet balance to book a new order.

Get Paid On-line

Quick Serve application enables your business to receive payment online using any of the pre integrated payment gateways like Instamojo, PayU Money, PayTM Wallet, etc.

Corporate Catering / Bulk Order.

Quickserve application allows you to plan menu/packs and book bulk orders, and also offer customized price to your customers for the bulk orders.


Well segregated and streamlined administration module helps running business smoothly and flawlessly making entry, edit, processing data easy and swift. Admin can have full control of their business over this one single application.

Manage Timeslot for Effective Time Management

Fooddialer now allows to set and manage timeslot or cut off time for ordering on both instant orders and subscription orders to aid with more effective time management.

Automated Invoice generation

Save tree. The application shifts your customers to digital invoice, combines multiple bills into single invoice, sends invoices weekly/monthly. It also checks what gets billed and what not through payment collection.

GST Compliance

The application is in compliance with different type of tax categories including food tax calculation with base 60% price. Fooddialer is now updated to include GST compliant tax modules.

Supportive of Thermal Printers

Apart for existing printers, Fooddialer is now upgraded to supports thermal printers. Thermal printers are new age, less space consuming and portable printers that is a new innovation for the service industry.

Subscription Plans save the hassles of everyday ordering

The application offer multiple subscription plans to the customer with defined time period, and also the option of flexible date selection.

Automated Dispatch Labels

Improves food packaging and dispatch process with the help of printed dispatched label and packaging report to tally food packets.

Email/SMS Notification

The application sends email/SMS notification to the customers starting from the greetings to sending order status, payment reminder, subscription expiry and many more important notifications. It ensures the best-in-class customer service infused with the latest technology.

Easy and User Friendly Set-Up Wizard

Getting into Fooddialer platform is now easy. User account creation is now easy with SAAS system and user-friendly set-up wizard. Anyone with the knowledge of handling mobile, laptop or computer can very well handle the application.

Track payment collection

The application tracks COD / Post-paid order payment collection, manage collections at one place and keeps the collection history for accounting. It also keep a track of the tax collected from the customers.

Role Based Access

The application allows to define various roles of your staffs and restricts and limits their access depending on it. You can configure the access based on their roles like administrater / manager / accountant etc.

Multi-device support application (Mobile, Tablet , Desktop, Mobile App)

The application is accessible through multiple devices - mobile, tab, laptop or desktop computer. Move ahead of your peers with the right technological tools. Increases customer loyalty by offering Android and ios mobile apps.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

It stores and allows access of all your customer database at a centralized place. It filters customer record using advanced search feature and send bulk sms to the customers. It also allows exporting of customer data for use in any other application.

Business Analytics Report

The application keeps tab and analyzes your business on regular basis. Now it is easier to stay ahead in the competitive market using Quickserve application. It reflects customers buying patterns along with different analytic reports on food, customer and sales.

Customization of Message

The application allows to use pre-defined email/sms template to save time and also to write your own customize messages for the customer communication branding with your company name.

Kitchen & Delivery

Streamlined kitchen and delivery system with multi-kitchen support and integrated delivery and dispatch modules to auto update and real time data.

Multi-Kitchen Support

The application has the feature of muti-kitchen support. If you are planning to expand your business to multiple cities or increase production capacity with multiple kitchen, the feature will help in managing the kitchens and their orders from the one centralized application.

Mobile App

Synchronized android and iOS app customized with the theme of the business, makes ordering easy, anytime, anywhere. With the synchronized backend, maintaining these apps were never easier before.

Synchronized platform

The application allows the customers to book orders anytime and anywhere using their mobile app. Fooddialer Andriod and iOS apps are now backend synchronized with the website admin panel, therefore offering a synchronized platform across devices irrespective of time and place.

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